Fuelling Global Growth: GasOn's International Digital Marketing Freelance Solutions

Empower your business expansion with GasOn’s specialised international digital marketing freelance services. Enhance brand visibility, access broader markets, and optimise ROI with innovative, data-driven strategies, leveraging flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Fuelling Global Growth: GasOn's International Digital Marketing Freelance Solutions

Catherine Gason | International Marketing Specialist | Freelance Digital Marketing Trieste

International Digital Marketing Freelance Services to Maximize Global Outreach, Drive Sales, and Streamline Day-to-Day Marketing Operations

I am Catherine Gason, an international digital marketing specialist with over 20 years of experience in global communications. Whether you are aiming for a broader reach, a stronger online presence, or increased international sales, I provide comprehensive multilingual solutions to global companies and agencies. Proficient in French, Italian, and English, with a solid understanding of German and Dutch, I implement effective strategies across diverse markets through collaborations with native freelance speakers. This ensures a nuanced and culturally attuned approach to each target audience. Here is a brief overview of the services GasOn Marketing provides:

Multilingual Digital Marketing Strategist | Consultante en stratégie digitale freelance | Digital strategist internazionale | Catherine Gason
Digital Marketing Strategist

Developing result-driven strategies to identify objectives and growth opportunities for your brand on a global scale.

International SEO Specialist | Multilingual SEO Freelancer | Freelance SEO International | Multilingual International SEO Packages
International SEO Specialist

Implementing scalable, multilingual SEO strategies that enhance your brand's organic growth and remain cost-effective.

Multilingual Content Marketing | Brand Content Manager International | Digital Content Manager Trieste | Catherine Gason
Multilingual Content Strategist

Creating international content plans that ensure quality content and high rankings in local search results.

Multilingual PPC | Campagne PPC | International PPC Specialist Trieste | Catherine Gason
International PPC Specialist

Accelerating your growth with multilingual PPC campaigns, search engine advertising, and fine-tuned international retargeting ads.

International Email | Freelance Experte en Tunnel de Vente | Funnel Marketing | Catherine Gason
International Email And Funnel Specialist

Optimising your multilingual sales funnels to automatically attract new leads, grow your global mailing lists, and increase international conversions.

International Social Media Marketing Strategist | Consultant Social Media Marketing International | Catherine Gason
International Social Media Strategist

Engaging with your online communities in their own language and culture with compelling, purposeful content.

Passion, Focus, and Drive Leading to Excellence: The Ethos of GasOn Marketing's International Digital Marketing Freelance Services

Consultant SEO et Marketing Digital freelance | Catherine Gason | GasOn Marketing

Hit the gas not just for good, but for excellent marketing—with passion, focus, and drive” encapsulates the fundamental ethos of GasOn Marketing and serves as the cornerstone of my approach to international digital marketing freelance services.

  • Passion serves as the catalyst, igniting enthusiasm and fostering interest in each project. It acts as the initial spark and emotional connection, propelling both my collaborators and myself forward in our work.
  • Once passion is kindled, focus becomes the linchpin, guiding our attention and energy toward specific tasks, ensuring that both the client’s and our efforts are purposeful and concentrated on what truly matters.
  • Finally, drive takes the lead, embodying determination and persistence to overcome challenges, stay motivated, and achieve success. It sustains momentum, transforming passion and focus into a purposeful journey.

Experienced International Digital Marketing Freelancer: Delivering Superior Results in Demanding Environments

Years of experience handling substantial contracts in remote, fast-paced, and demanding environments have refined my ability to deliver high-quality work within tight deadlines. My expertise revolves around crafting data-driven web campaigns aimed at achieving measurable outcomes, adaptable across multiple languages. As an Expert-Vetted Freelancer on Upwork, I am part of the top 1% of professionals on the world’s largest freelancing platform, which hosts over 18 million professionals from 180+ countries.

Additionally, my expertise in SEO has led me to create the blog International SEO Consultant Insights: Navigating SEO Beyond Borders, where I delve into the intricacies of global search engine optimisation.

Excellent quality work and great communication. A pleasure to work with.
I have worked with Catherine for over a year and a half on different French, Italian and Dutch SEO projects. She has always delivered on time, takes initiative and is proactive about solving issues. It’s been a pleasure, and I will work with Catherine again.
UpWork Expert-Vetted Freelancer | Freelance Marketing International | Freelance Digital Marketing Trieste | Catherine Gason
Consultant SEO et Marketing Digital freelance | Catherine Gason | GasOn Marketing

GasOn Marketing: Your Virtual Hub for Amplifying Brand Reach

Consultant SEO et Marketing Digital freelance | Catherine Gason | GasOn Marketing

GasOn Marketing is not just an individual service provider; it’s a virtual hub where freelancers and agencies converge to amplify your brand’s reach.

In a world where connections are crucial, I am more than merely another multilingual marketing freelancer; I serve as your dependable resource for international digital marketing freelance services, delivering impactful solutions. Whether collaborating with your internal teams, external resources, or leveraging my network of specialists, I craft customised marketing packages and execute integrated digital campaigns tailored to diverse countries, languages, and cultures. This comprehensive approach is designed to assist you in reaching your marketing objectives while establishing a unified global brand identity.

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Find valuable insights into international digital marketing through my latest articles and infographics. Gain knowledge on entering new markets, achieving revenue goals, and strengthening your brand and customer relationships, particularly within European contexts.

Insights into International Digital Marketing

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International SEO Specialist | European, Italian, and French SEO | Italian and French Digital Content Specialist
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Dive into my infographics for a comprehensive understanding of international communication campaigns and strategies.

International Digital Marketing Infographics | GasOn Marketing

Answering Your Top Seven Questions about GasOn's International Digital Marketing Freelance Solutions

A digital marketing freelancer is a professional who provides specialized marketing services on a project-by-project basis, while a digital marketing agency is a team of experts who provide a wide range of marketing services to clients. The main difference between the two is that a freelancer works independently, while an agency consists of a group of professionals who work together to deliver comprehensive marketing solutions.

As a multilingual digital marketing freelancer, I fit into teams and provides them with the assistance or consultancy services they require to achieve their goals. I work with digital marketing or SEM agencies in need of an international marketing specialist, or with international organizations or companies that need an expert to plug a specific gap in their marketing team.

International marketing involves marketing activities conducted by a company across national borders for a multinational audience, without necessarily using multiple languages. Multilingual marketing, on the other hand, focuses on creating marketing content in multiple languages to reach a global audience or cater to multilingual nations. In addition, multicultural marketing takes into account cultural differences among different regions, including customs, traditions, and beliefs. This allows companies to tailor their marketing messages to specific cultural groups, ensuring that they resonate with their audience.

Explore Multicultural Marketing: Gaining Insights into International, Multilingual, and Inclusive Strategies.

While AI tools can automate certain aspects of multilingual, multicultural and international marketing, they cannot replace the expertise and cultural awareness of a human professional. A multilingual international digital marketer possesses unique skills such as creativity, strategic thinking, and cultural sensitivity. These skills are crucial in creating effective communication strategies that are both globally and locally effective. AI can be used as an assistant in tasks such as multilingual keyword research, international competitive analysis, and multicultural content optimization, but it cannot replace the knowledge and experience of a human expert.

Catherine Gason is an experienced international freelancer specializing in search engine marketing (SEM). She can help your business integrate SEO and SEA strategies by monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs), improving rankings, identifying trends, and adjusting digital marketing strategies accordingly. With her expertise in international SEO, Catherine can optimize your business’s organic performances and use the data to strengthen your search engine advertising activities. This approach ensures that SEO and SEA strategies work together effectively to achieve maximum results within available budgets.

As a multilingual digital marketer, Catherine specializes in the French and Italian markets and has working knowledge of German and Dutch. This allows her to assist clients in effectively targeting a global audience with multilingual SEM campaigns. Catherine can also collaborate with other native multilingual SEO and PPC freelancers to optimize the business’s search engine marketing content for maximum impact across multiple languages.

To run cost-effective international multilingual PPC campaigns, there are a few essential steps you need to follow. Firstly, you should have an international PPC expert who is knowledgeable in multilingual PPC and can conduct research to select the most effective keywords for your target market. Next, you should divide your campaigns into individual languages or geographic regions to tailor your approach better. Then, you should transcreate and customize your content to be culturally nuanced and resonate with your target customers. Lastly, pairing your multilingual PPC with international SEO can maximize results by targeting both paid and organic search channels. By following these steps, you can effectively run multilingual international PPC campaigns that are cost-effective and produce the desired results for your business.

Catherine Gason is a skilled freelance SEO Manager with extensive experience in the European market. She can help businesses effectively reach their target audiences in Europe by providing a unique perspective on SEO strategy. Catherine is a native-level fluent speaker of French and Italian, which allows her to specialize in catering to the French and Italian speaking markets. Additionally, she has knowledge of German and Dutch, which enables her to undertake certain tasks or connect you with proficient SEO freelancers who are also native-level fluent speakers.

With her expertise, Catherine can take your business to the next level. She has been evaluated and verified by UpWork as an “Expert-Vetted Freelancer,” a title given to the top 1% of freelancers who consistently deliver high-quality work on big-budget contracts.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Social Media Advertising (SMA), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Search Engine Advertising (SEA) are all digital marketing techniques that have specific differences. SEM encompasses all activities related to marketing a website and content on search engines, including both SEA (paid search techniques, such as pay-per-click) and SEO (using various techniques to organically improve website search engine rankings). SMO is where SEO meets social media, ensuring that a website performs optimally on social media by boosting interaction with content on various channels. SMA is a form of paid advertising on social media. SMM is an umbrella term that encompasses both SMO and SMA.

Turbo Boost Your International Digital Communication with GasOn Marketing

At GasOn Marketing, it is all about infusing passion, maintaining sharp focus, and driving strategies to conquer new territories, advance progress, and fuel success swiftly and effectively.

Join me in enhancing your brand visibility and authority, regardless of your location or industry. Schedule your complimentary GasOn Discovery Call today to unlock the full potential of powerful international digital marketing freelance services.