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Hello, my name is Catherine Gason. I am a polyglot marketer. I provide SMEs and entrepreneurs with marketing support, in the form of virtual assistance and remote training, to succeed in the digital era. I help them boost their brand awareness, attract new prospects and convert them in happy customers.

Marketing Strategy

Give focus and direction to your marketing and communication. Adapt and evolve. Monitor for continuous improvement

Marketing Operations

Run cohesive campaigns across all our communication channels. Do marketing consistently and measure the results

Content Marketing

Focus on power, agility and relevant SEO. Provide a clear value proposition and consistency. Call to action

Email Marketing

Build up, grow and segment your email lists. Spread your brand awareness with multilingual broadcasts and autoresponder series

Promotion & Backlinks

Maximize your online presence. Attract the right prospects through relevant and compelling promotion channels, public relations and backlinks

Social Media

Communicate directly with your audiences in their own language and culture. Be consistent to optimize your visibility and brand credibility

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Why I am different

I am on a S.M.A.R.T. professional mission.
Whether I act as a virtual assistant or I provide online training, my clients always get Skilled + Multilingual + Assessable + Relevant + Tech-Savvy marketing support.

My story will benefit your business

I have taken the best of each country I have lived in. Born in Seoul, I was adopted in Brussels and, in my twenties, I moved to London. My current home base is windy Trieste, in Italy.

My South Korean origins have given me this ability to consistently reborn and work my way up to achieve my goals. Though Belgium is my country of citizenship and education, my culture has been more French. From England, instead, I have kept my multidisciplinary foundations and my capacities for multicultural empathy. There I made my first professional steps in marketing and communication, hired and trained by multinationals. I was taught to stay on point, have excellent organizational skills and leave no loose ends when I do a job. This professional rigor is balanced with the creativity and flexibility that characterize the Italian environment in which I now live.

After 15 years of marketing management, I decided to leverage my competences and capabilities to help small and medium companies, wherever they are located geographically, succeed in the Internet era. My professional mission is to provide my clients with S.M.A.R.T. [Skilled + Multilingual + Assessable + Relevant + Tech-Savvy] marketing virtual assistance and training services to boost visibility, gain authority and increase both new and repeat customers.

How can I help you?

With marketing virtual assistance or remote training? I do it for you or I help you do it yourself? Choose the free offer that best meets your needs.


Need help with your marketing strategy and tactics? Benefit from a completely targeted and free marketing consultation!


Need help with your marketing operations? Get your customized quotation for marketing operations support!


Need hands-on and easy-to-adapt training? Join me on my free webinars and online marketing classes!

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