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Catherine Gason » Multilingual Digital Marketing Freelancer » Digital Marketing Assistant Consultant

My name is Catherine Gason. I am a multilingual digital marketing freelancer and digital entrepreneur. I use my multidisciplinary expertise and competences, which cover both digital and traditional marketing, to help you power up your online presence.

Book your GasOn Discovery Call for a free 15-minute consultation. This will give you the chance to get to know me and help me understand your communication needs, so that I can recommend which of my services is best for you: digital marketing assistance, training or consultancy. Or opt for the GasOn Power Hour, a 60-minute call offering tailored advice, drawn from my 20 years of experience as an international marketing specialist.

Benefit from my multicultural and professional background

From marketing manager to virtual assistant; then from digital marketing freelancer to digital entrepreneur

My life experience, from my beginnings in Seoul to being recognized as a top rated digital marketing freelancer (by way of Brussels, London and Trieste, Italy), has equipped me to feel at home in a global, multicultural and now virtual environment. I mastered strategic marketing during my time as a marketing manager, and operational marketing through my role as a virtual marketing assistant. Find out more about my journey and learn how my marketing competences can help you hit the gas on optimal digital communication.

Catherine Gason » Multilingual Digital Marketing Freelancer » UpWork Top Rated Plus

South Korean origins and a Belgian and French education

I was born in Seoul, and my South Korean origins have given me the ability to easily adapt to change and reinvent myself in new situations. Having been adopted in Brussels, Belgium is my country of citizenship, and it was there that I was awarded a bachelor’s degree in Management and Financial Sciences from the ICHEC Brussels Management School. Meanwhile, I was brought up in a family culture that was more French.

UK professional framework

I began my professional life in London, where I laid strong foundations for my career success and developed my multicultural empathy. It was there that I gained my first experience in marketing and communication. I was recruited and trained by multinational companies, where I honed my multidisciplinary and organizational skills, my attention to detail, and my ability to never lose sight of the end goal.

Italian creativity

Today, I live in Trieste, Italy, which has taught me to balance the professional rigour gained from my work at international organizations with the creativity and flexibility that characterize the Italian environment. Against this backdrop, I launched my own business as a multilingual freelancer specializing in digital marketing.

From marketing manager to multilingual virtual assistant

I have taken the best of each of the countries in which I have lived. After 15 years as a marketing manager, I decided to invest my skills and capabilities in helping innovative SMEs navigate the digital era, wherever they are located around the world. My professional goal is to provide companies with the marketing support they need to gain new clients and convert existing ones into repeat customers.

Initially, I did this as a freelance multilingual marketing virtual assistant, specifically directing my services to professionals and businesses in need of web communication support in French, English and Italian.

From virtual assistant to UpWork marketing freelancer

I then launched my freelance marketing business on UpWork, the biggest and most used freelance platform in the world. To start, I leveraged my competences to meet the multilingual marketing needs of entrepreneurs and SMEs. However, I found myself increasingly in demand for digital marketing projects. This influenced the way I approach new projects, always striving to achieve the best possible outcome. Having received many positive client reviews, I was quickly recruited by larger companies, allowing me to consolidate my proficiency in digital marketing techniques.

Catherine Gason » Multilingual Digital Marketing Consultant And Assistant » UpWork Top Rated Plus

From marketing freelancer to international web marketing expert

Thanks to my skills and competences in both traditional and digital marketing, I was ranked “Top Rated” and then “Top Rated Plus” on UpWork. The “Top Rated Plus” badge is awarded to freelancers who consistently perform at the highest level on large scale projects. I am therefore among the 10% of freelancers on UpWork who stand out by delivering premium quality on big budget contracts.

Today, I am a recognized digital marketing specialist with advanced expertise in all aspects of the sector. The starting point for great digital marketing is developing a digital strategy: I help you decide on the specific goals your company wants to achieve online, the best tools to drive this progress and the optimal methods to evaluate and improve your results. Effective web marketing also requires performing search engine optimization. As an international SEO expert, I work with both multinational organizations and international web agencies to optimize their own or their clients’ online presence.

Through my experience in multilingual marketing projects I have also mastered content marketing, international ads and social media optimization. Not to mention email, funnel and marketing automation.

As an international digital marketing specialist, I offer support and consultancy services in English, French (as a “Consultante marketing digital“) and Italian (as a “Consulente web marketing“). My goal is to help my clients achieve their global objectives in the best possible way.

Catherine is a reliable international SEO content optimisation specialist. In the nearly two years that we have worked together, she has never missed a deadline.

Additionally, Catherine is a kind and considerate person who is great to work with. Her professionalism and dedication to her work make her an asset to any team.

Stephen Grindley

Director, Coaley Peak

As a marketing specialist, Catherine contributed to Nelysis marketing communications: she developed the product message and marketing materials to attract new customers. She also worked on our social media, setting up our strategy for Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and various other social media sites.

Catherine is an excellent writer with a creative approach; she did an excellent job that expanded our marketing efforts.

Enrico Dani

Marketing & Sales Director, Nelysis

From freelance marketing to digital entrepreneur

Web marketing consultancy, support and training in English, French and Italian

International marketing freelancer » Digital entrepreneur » Catherine Gason

In addition to my activities as a marketing freelancer, I offer start-to-finish digital marketing courses and workshops to allow businesses to master clear, consistent and cohesive online communication. I have also developed a digital marketing course specifically for VAs on how to become a virtual marketing assistant, which is available in French (Devenir assistant virtuel de marketing) and Italian (Diventare assistente virtuale di marketing).

As a matter of fact, the demand for virtual assistance has increased considerably following the Covid-19 pandemic. My services as a digital marketing expert are in high demand, but I have chosen to use my knowledge and expertise to help others become specialized virtual marketing assistants. This is a role I know very well, and which has helped me reach the position I hold today.

Get started in quality international web marketing

Get the guidance you need for each step of your marketing journey

I am here to help you grow your business online backed by powerful tools that help you find new customers, drive sales and manage your day-to-day operations. I tailor key techniques and tools to meet my clients’ specific needs. If you don’t know where to start, click the GasOn Discovery Call button for a free 15-minute consultation. If you have already mastered the basics and are ready to push on the accelerator, invest 60 minutes in a GasOn Power Hour.

What sets me apart from other digital marketing freelancers?

Choose S.M.A.R.T. marketing support

My reputation as a digital marketing expert is built on the projects entrusted to me. I consistently deliver on my clients’ needs and expectations by implementing my specialized approach, based on my own version of the acronym “S.M.A.R.T.”: “Skilled”, “Multilingual”, “Assessable”, “Relevant” and “Tech-Savvy”. My approach is:

  • Skilled” because my expertise covers a broad range of strategic and operational marketing competences. I combine these with digital marketing tools and more traditional techniques to achieve optimal results.
  • Multilingual” because I provide marketing services in French, English and Italian. My linguistic expertise helps my clients see quicker returns on their digital marketing investments.
  • Assessable” because my clients are able to analyze and assess my work by using the relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor the impact of their digital marketing activities.
  • Relevant” because my services meet my clients’ needs and I never lose sight of their end goal. My approach is always anchored in my clients’ priorities, and I am committed to achieving tangible and proven results.
  • Tech-savvy” because I keep up to date with technological developments so that I can help my clients make the most of automated marketing tools. “Tech-savvy” also means that I collaborate with my clients virtually. Our connection is based on the activities undertaken and the results achieved, rather than physical location. The online world allows us to make savings on travel and reduce our ecological footprint at the same time.

Why and how to get started with Catherine Gason?

Which digital communication services does GasOn Marketing provide?

As an international digital marketing specialist, I offer support and consultancy services in English, French and Italian. My areas of marketing expertise cover digital strategyinternational SEOcontent marketing, international adsemail marketing, multilingual funnelsmarketing automation and social media optimization.

I also offer start-to-finish digital marketing courses and workshops to master clear, consistent and cohesive online communication.

What makes Catherine's work stand out?

I always apply my “S.M.A.R.T.” approach – “Skilled”, “Multilingual”, “Assessable”, “Relevant” and “Tech-Savvy” – to all the projects I take on. My competences, experience, multilingual skills and proficiency in innovative marketing techniques all help me meet each client’s expectations.

What is the difference between a digital marketing freelancer and a digital marketing agency?

A digital marketing freelancer is a professional who works independently to provide assistance or consultancy services, such as SEO or social media marketing, to companies or agencies. More often than not, digital marketing freelancers will have gained their expertise working for international organizations before striking out on their own. On the other hand, a digital marketing agency is a group of professionals that perform marketing services for their client roster.

As a multilingual digital marketing freelancer, I fit into teams and provide them with the assistance or consultancy services they require to achieve their goals. I work with digital marketing or SEO agencies in need of an international marketing specialist, or with international organizations or companies that need an expert to plug a specific gap in their marketing team.

How to get started with digital marketing consultant and assistant Catherine Gason?

Book your GasOn Discovery Call, a free initial consultation to find out how my services can help you power up your marketing project.

You can also reserve your GasOn Power Hour, a one-hour consultation in which I advise you on how to structure your digital communication activities to get the best results from your online presence.