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Multicultural Marketing Freelancer | Freelance Marketing International | Digital Marketing Freelance Internazionale | Catherine Gason

Fluent in French, Italian, and English, I am a digital marketing freelancer who helps to expand global reach with tailored strategies. My international and multilingual services elevate brands to new heights. To learn more, book a free 15-minute GasOn Discovery Call.

Elevate Your Global Brand with a Multilingual & Multicultural Marketing Freelancer

With a diverse background and extensive experience living in Seoul, Brussels, London, and Trieste, Italy, I am a versatile freelance digital marketing specialist. Excelling in navigating a global, multicultural, and virtual landscape, my life experiences have provided me with valuable expertise and cultural empathy. I am well-prepared to assist your brand in thriving within the constantly evolving global marketplace.

Digital Marketing Freelancer | Freelance Marketing International | Digital Marketing Freelance Internazionale | Catherine Gason
  • From South Korea to a Multicultural Upbringing in Belgium and France

My multicultural upbringing, from being born in Seoul to being adopted and raised in Brussels, Belgium, has equipped me with the innate ability to thrive in diverse environments. I pursued my academic journey at ICHEC Brussels Management School, where I earned my bachelor’s degree in Management and Financial Sciences. Additionally, growing up in a family culture that was heavily influenced by French customs has further nurtured my appreciation for multiculturalism.

  • UK Professional Framework

During my time in London, I gained invaluable experience in marketing and communication while working for multinational companies. This experience honed my organizational and multidisciplinary skills, as well as my ability to keep the end goal in sight. It was in London that I embarked on my journey to become a specialist in multicultural marketing.

  • Italian Creativity

Now based in Trieste, Italy, I have learned to balance my professional rigor with the creativity and flexibility that characterize the Italian environment. As a multilingual and multicultural digital marketing freelancer, I offer a unique perspective on effectively reaching diverse audiences.

Multilingual Digital Marketer Specializing in Multicultural Marketing

With over 20 years of experience as a multilingual digital marketer specializing in multicultural marketing, I have helped numerous innovative organizations thrive in the digital age, regardless of their location. Fluent in French, Italian, and English, with a basic knowledge of German and Dutch, I am an Expert-Vetted Freelancer verified by UpWork and belong to the top 1% of freelancers with a 100% job success rate on large contracts at the highest level.

Catherine is a reliable international SEO content optimisation specialist. In the nearly two years that we have worked together, she has never missed a deadline. Additionally, Catherine is a kind and considerate person who is great to work with. Her professionalism and dedication to her work make her an asset to any team.
As a marketing specialist, Catherine contributed to Nelysis marketing communications: she developed the product message and marketing materials to attract new customers. She also worked on our social media, setting up our strategy for Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and various other social media sites. Catherine is an excellent writer with a creative approach; she did an excellent job that expanded our marketing efforts.
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Enrico Dani
Marketing & Sales Director, Nelysis
Catherine Gason | International Marketing Specialist | Digital Marketer International | Digital Marketing Specialist Internazionale

Choose a S.M.A.R.T. Digital Marketing Freelancer

My reputation as an international digital marketing specialist is built on the successful projects that I have delivered to my clients. I consistently meet and exceed their needs and expectations by implementing my unique approach, which is based on my version of the S.M.A.R.T. acronym: “Skilled”, “Multilingual”, “Assessable”, “Relevant”, and “Tech-Savvy.”

  • I am “SKILLED” because my expertise covers a broad range of strategic and operational marketing competencies. I combine these with digital marketing tools and more traditional techniques to achieve optimal results.
  • Being “MULTILINGUAL”, I offer marketing services in French, Italian, and English. Additionally, my knowledge of German and Dutch provides a localized perspective that enhances digital outreach in other European markets, ensuring that all campaigns are optimized for maximum effectiveness. My linguistic expertise helps my clients see quicker returns on their international marketing investments.
  • My services are “ASSESSABLE” because clients can analyze and assess my work using relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor the impact of their digital marketing activities.
  • My approach is “RELEVANT” because I always prioritize my clients’ needs, never losing sight of their end goals. I am committed to delivering tangible and proven results that meet their requirements.
  • Being “TECH-SAVVY”, I stay up-to-date with technological developments to help my clients make the most of automated marketing tools. I collaborate with my clients virtually, based on the activities undertaken and the results achieved. The online world enables us to save on travel expenses while reducing our ecological footprint.

FAQ on Freelance Multicultural and International Marketing Expert Catherine Gason

International marketing involves marketing activities conducted by a company across national borders for a multinational audience, without necessarily using multiple languages. Multilingual marketing, on the other hand, focuses on creating marketing content in multiple languages to reach a global audience or cater to multilingual nations. In addition, multicultural marketing takes into account cultural differences among different regions, including customs, traditions, and beliefs. This allows companies to tailor their marketing messages to specific cultural groups, ensuring that they resonate with their audience.

Catherine Gason is an international digital marketing specialist who offers a comprehensive suite of multilingual freelancing services. She excels at developing effective digital marketing strategies, optimizing international SEO, and crafting compelling multilingual content marketing. Catherine’s expertise also includes implementing successful international PPC, international email, and multilingual sales funnels, as well as developing international social media marketing campaigns.

Catherine’s native fluency in French and Italian, coupled with her knowledge of German and Dutch, offers a unique European perspective to her projects. Her specialization is catering to French and Italian speaking markets, and she can connect clients with proficient freelancers who are native speakers in other European markets to meet specific project needs.

Catherine Gason has years of experience as an international marketing specialist, and is committed to applying her “S.M.A.R.T.” approach – Skilled, Multilingual, Assessable, Relevant and Tech-Savvy – to every project to consistently meet client expectations. As one of the “Expert-Vetted” marketing freelancers on UpWork, she is part of an elite group comprising the top 1% of freelancers with a 100% job success rate in large contracts and glowing feedback from clients.

A digital marketing freelancer is a professional who works independently to provide assistance or consultancy services, such as SEO or social media marketing, to companies or agencies. More often than not, digital marketing freelancers will have gained their expertise working for international organizations before striking out on their own. On the other hand, a digital marketing agency is a group of professionals that perform marketing services for their client roster.

As a multilingual digital marketing freelancer, Catherine Gason fits into teams and provides them with the assistance or consultancy services they require to achieve their goals. She works with digital marketing or SEM agencies in need of an international marketing specialist, or with international organizations or companies that need an expert to plug a specific gap in their marketing team.

Multilingual and International Digital Marketing Freelancer: Receive the Assistance You Need Every Step of the Way

Are you unsure where to start? Click on the GasOn Discovery Call button for a free 15-minute consultation. During the call, we will discuss your goals and determine the best approach for your business. With my assistance every step of the way, let’s unlock the full potential of your business through impactful multilingual and multicultural web marketing services.