Empower Your Team with a Multilingual Marketing Freelancer

Looking for a skilled marketing freelancer fluent in French, Italian, and English? Look no further than Catherine Gason. Schedule your free discovery call and fuel your marketing today!

Empower Your Team with a Multilingual Marketing Freelancer

Catherine Gason | Multilingual Marketing Freelancer | French, Italian, English
English, Italian & French Marketing Freelancer | Freelance Marketing International | Freelance Digital Marketing Trieste | Catherine Gason

Why Choose Me as Your International Marketing Freelancer?

As an international digital marketing freelancer, I am committed to driving progress, penetrating new markets, and facilitating success efficiently. I oversee both the strategic planning and hands-on execution, from devising strategies to implementing campaigns. Furthermore, I offer tailored training to equip your team and serve as a virtual hub for freelancers and agencies, enhancing the reach of your brand. I am more than just a multilingual freelancer; I am the catalyst for your global expansion.

Multilingual Marketing Freelance Services for Business Expansion and Localisation

I collaborate with agencies, organisations, and companies to fill the gaps in their marketing teams. This saves them the costs and complications of hiring a full-time employee or manager for the long term. Leveraging my international and multilingual marketing expertise, I have achieved Expert-Vetted Freelancer status on UpWork, placing me among the top 1% of freelancers on the world’s largest freelancing platform, which boasts over 18 million professionals from 180+ countries.
Catherine is a highly qualified professional. She helped us rethink our company’s digital marketing strategy, especially on our social media. I highly recommend her for getting great results in no time.
Learning web communication techniques with a skilled digital marketing freelancer like Catherine Gason has never been so effective or enjoyable. Catherine is proactive, helpful, inspirational and straight to the point. She empowers you to learn and apply new techniques quickly and successfully. Her training differs from all other online courses and tutorials because it is “hands-on.” You can see that it is based on proven techniques and experiences from international projects that make it practical and effective.
English, Italian & French Marketing Freelancer | GasOn Marketing Trieste
Multilingual and International SEO Specialist | France, Italy, Europe

How I Can Help You Achieve Your International Marketing Goals?

To explore how I can assist you in achieving your international marketing objectives, please schedule a GasOn Discovery Call with me. During the call, we will discuss your project in detail, and I will provide insights into my experience in the field. The meeting will be conducted over Zoom, and you may select a date and time from the calendar.

Seeking Multilingual Marketing Freelance Services? Contact me

I am based in Trieste, Italy, but I work with marketing directors and web agencies around the world. Whether you are looking to expand into new markets or streamline your day-to-day operations, I can help you achieve your global business goals. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your business to the next level. Contact me now to get started!

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