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Who better than a multilingual digital entrepreneur to help you sell more and better? Take advantage of my experience and invest in a GasOn Power Hour: a 60-minute call offering tailored advice drawn from my 20 years of experience as an international marketing specialist and strategist.

Powerful tools and techniques that help find customers, drive sales and manage day-to-day operations

Catherine Gason » Multilingual Digital Marketing Freelancer » Digital Marketing Assistant Consultant

As an international digital marketing specialist and strategist, I have provided consultation and crash training for several years to companies and entrepreneurs who wish to gain the understanding and skills they need to implement an integrated system of web marketing techniques, adapted to their business reality.

The GasOn Power Hour is effective because of its practical utility and application. Here are some examples of the most frequently asked consulting or training services:

GasOn Marketing » Consultant, Assistant et Formation Web Marketing

International marketing strategy

to set up a coherent, comprehensive and measurable approach, and run cohesive campaigns across all channels

GasOn Marketing » Consultant, Assistant et Formation Web Marketing

Localized content and international SEO

to prepare valuable content and SEO strategies that positively impact the brand’s organic growth

GasOn Marketing » Consultant, Assistant et Formation Web Marketing

Funnel and marketing automation

to automate multilingual sales funnels and seamlessly integrate the most appropriate automation technology into a holistic digital strategy

GasOn Marketing » Consultant, Assistant et Formation Web Marketing

Localized SMO and email marketing

to communicate directly with audiences in their own language and culture through social media, email and remarketing campaigns

GasOn Marketing » Consultant, Assistant et Formation Web Marketing

International PPC, ads and retargeting

to speed up with finely segmented retargeting and highly personalized campaigns on search engines and social platforms

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Catherine Gason » Consultant assistant web marketing international » UpWork Top Rated Plus

By combining my international experience as a French “Consultante en marketing digital” and an Italian “Consulente web marketing” with my technological know-how, I help my clients create powerful, effective and cost-effective multilingual communication strategies that respond to opportunities and fill identified gaps. In addition to providing consulting and support services, I also offer digital marketing courses and workshops highly appreciated for their practical, clear and concise content.

Learning web communication techniques with a skilled digital marketing freelancer like Catherine Gason has never been so effective or enjoyable. Catherine is proactive, helpful, inspirational and straight to the point. She empowers you to learn and apply new techniques quickly and successfully. Her training differs from all other online courses and tutorials because it is “hands-on”. You can see that it is based on proven techniques and experiences from international projects that make it practical and effective.

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GasOn Marketing » Consultant, Assistant et Formation Web Marketing

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GasOn Marketing » Consultant, Assistant et Formation Web Marketing

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GasOn Marketing » Consultant, Assistant et Formation Web Marketing

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FAQs about the GasOn Power Hour

What makes a good digital marketing strategy?

With so many digital marketing options, it can be hard to pinpoint the best approach for your business. To make this important decision easier, consider what a marketing strategy aims to achieve. Simply put, the goal is to broaden your brand awareness, build trust with your target audience and, ultimately, increase sales.

To develop a good digital marketing strategy, you will first need to determine exactly who you want to reach by creating buyer personas. You can’t please everybody, so don’t waste time and money trying to achieve the impossible! Next, you will need to show your ideal customers why they should choose you. The best way to do this is to anticipate their pain points and show them how you will solve them. Then, you will need consistent and coherent marketing campaigns to communicate this unique selling proposition (USP) through a variety of mediums. Your campaign should be based on a coherent and comprehensive approach, with measurable results so you can make the necessary adjustments.

International SEO vs. multilingual SEO: what are the differences?

International or global SEO is about optimizing your website for a multinational audience, but not necessarily using multiple languages. Monolingual websites still need international SEO to ensure that they are appropriately localized for the target market. Just think about how the meaning of the word “pants” differs for US and UK based audiences, for example. International SEO also focuses on the technical aspects of optimizing your website to get the best results from various global search engines.

Multilingual SEO (MSEO), on the other hand, involves optimizing your website in different languages so that your business can reach a global audience or cater for customers within a multilingual nation. Here, transcreation is vital to ensure that your content is not just translated, but linguistically and culturally tailored to your target context. Lastly, local SEO is used to optimize websites to generate leads and brand awareness in a specific location, usually a city or region.

Which web communication services does GasOn Marketing provide?

As an international digital marketing specialist, I offer support and consultancy services in English, French and Italian. My areas of marketing expertise cover digital strategyinternational SEOcontent marketing, international adsemail marketing, multilingual funnelsmarketing automation and social media optimization.

I also offer start-to-finish digital marketing courses and workshops to master clear, consistent and cohesive online communication.

Why choose Catherine Gason for your digital marketing needs?

I am ranked among the few “Top Rated Plus” marketing freelancers on UpWork. This badge is only awarded to freelancers who have 100% job success in large contracts at the highest level and who consistently receive positive feedback from their clients.

I also have many years of experience as a marketing manager and as an international marketing virtual assistant.