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By combining email automation with funnel marketing that matches your localized customer needs, we will increase your revenue and maximize efficiency. At each stage of your sales funnel, I will measure the effectiveness of your strategies, helping you boost productivity, nurture leads, increase your conversion rate and develop loyalty from your newly acquired customers. To learn more, book your GasOn Discovery Call.

Power up your selling strategy with multilingual email marketing and funnel automation

As an international digital marketing specialist with wide ranging experience in both traditional and web communication, I provide assistance, consulting and training services in multilingual marketing automation to achieve maximum ROI.

Marketing automation is not just about the tools that facilitate marketing campaigns; it goes beyond simply scheduling emails, social media posts and other repetitive tasks. The key is to use the right automation technologies efficiently. Some of the tools I commonly use are Keap, ClickFunnels, HubSpot, MailChimp and AWeber.

We will seamlessly integrate the most appropriate automation technology into your holistic digital strategy. The marketing automation services I offer include the creation of:

  • Lead magnets
  • Opt-in modules
  • Sales pages
  • Upsell and downsell pages
  • Payment pages
  • Email lists
  • Automated emails
  • Behavioural automation rules

We will also localize your marketing funnel to ensure that your business attracts international customers and guides them through a series of stages based on their individual, localized buyer journey. As a matter of fact, with an effective multilingual email campaign, your online communication will take on an international marketing dimension. Numerous studies have shown that customers are much more likely to buy products and services marketed in their own language.

But simply translating is never enough. To really connect with local audiences, your email content must be effectively localized. That means it must be expressed in a way that reflects awareness of the local culture, including the seasonal calendar and important dates.

I provide multilingual services in French, Italian and English, to send autoresponder series and email marketing campaigns that include:

  • Campaign strategy
  • Email design and copywriting
  • Form integration and automation
  • Email deliverability and analytics
  • Segmentation and remarketing
  • Conversion optimization

Opt for an experienced multilingual digital strategist

Catherine Gason » Multilingual Digital Marketing Consultant And Assistant » UpWork Top Rated Plus

I have extensive professional experience in email, funnel and marketing automation, gained through my role as an international marketing virtual assistant for ecommerce businesses and worldwide renowned international speakers. Combining my marketing expertise with my multilingual skills and technological know-how, I help my clients build effective funnels and email campaigns to reach their different mailing lists of thousands of subscribers. I can do the same for your business.

In addition to providing marketing automation assistance and consultancy services, I am also a successful trainer. In 2018, I created a 5-star rated online course called “Marketing Funnel: Design your own Funnel”, which is still sold and requested on the LifeLearning site today.

Catherine helped us implement funnel marketing and email automation, which allowed us to scale up our activities more quickly and efficiently. Not only has she helped us speed up the entire process, but she has also automated our funnel feeding process. The changes Catherine brought have enhanced our lead generation, saved us precious time on a daily basis and given us more relevant data to analyze our results and refine our marketing activities.

International Coach and Speaker


FAQs about email automation and funnel marketing

What are the benefits of marketing automation?

Marketing automation allows you to streamline your company’s communication strategy by sending automated messages to your target audience across email and other communication platforms. Messages are sent automatically, using workflows that can be customized to your business needs and adapted as necessary to boost the effectiveness and efficiency of your marketing campaign, thus increasing revenue.

As well as saving your company both money and time spent on marketing campaigns, automation helps generate and nurture leads and provides data to fine tune your digital strategy. A well designed marketing automation system will scale alongside your business, adapting to the changing needs of your company as it grows.

Why should companies implement marketing funnels?

Funnel marketing is the methodology used to attract potential customers and guide them through their buyer journey: from identifying a need to be fulfilled and considering your brand, to regularly purchasing your products or services and recommending your business to other potential customers. By optimizing your marketing funnel, you can achieve its ultimate objective: convincing your repeat customers to promote your brand and thus creating a loop that feeds your sales funnel.

Monitoring the progression of leads along their buyer journey allows you to analyze whether your strategies are producing results, adjust them accordingly, and identify opportunities to increase sales. Moreover, with improved understanding of who you need to attract to your funnel to drive sales, you can tailor your actions to achieve your goals, thereby increasing the productivity of your marketing campaigns.

Is email marketing still relevant?

You may well wonder whether email remains an effective marketing tool. Today, we are inundated with emails, many of them spam that have us rushing to click “unsubscribe”. So, has email lost its shine? The short answer is “no, when used correctly, email marketing is highly effective“.

Practically everyone uses email. In fact, studies show that usage is actively growing. So, how can you ensure that your email marketing stands out from the crowd? Audiences engage with useful, targeted emails, so your content needs to be personalized to your clients’ needs. Not only is email marketing wide reaching and effective, but it is also affordable. The biggest investment is the time and effort needed to tailor your content to your customers’ needs. Get in touch to discover how I can help.

What other internet marketing services does GasOn Marketing offer?

As an international digital marketing specialist, I can either provide services in a specific area of marketing such as email and funnel optimization, or offer holistic online marketing support covering digital marketing strategy, international SEO, content marketing, multilingual ads and social media optimization.

Get the help you need, every step of the way

Book a GasOn Discovery Call for a free 15-minute consultation and find out how my expertise can help your business hit the mark with funnel marketing and email automation. For advanced support, invest in the GasOn Power Hour: a 60-minute tailored digital marketing consultancy or crash training session that will help you power up your international email, funnel and marketing automation techniques.