Maximize your social media marketing efforts: power up with a multilingual SMO and SMA strategist

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As an experienced social media strategist and member of the International Community of Certified Moderators, I will assist you in your multilingual social media optimization to increase customer interaction, improve knowledge distribution and enhance customer loyalty. To learn more, book your GasOn Discovery Call for a free 15-minute consultation.

Boost your social media optimization and ads on a global scale

International social media optimization (SMO) and social media advertising (SMA) are the keys to unlocking and expanding your company’s success: as an experienced social media strategist, I will help you maximize your company’s digital presence on social channels through organic and paid campaigns, enabling you to reap the maximum benefit for your business.

To harness the power of multilingual social media for your brand, you will first need to discover the content your international target audiences want and where your brand fits into the global social media landscape, and then implement and re-evaluate your approach. This is easier said than done – and that’s where I come in.

The idea is to get your content in front of as many people as possible and I will help you do just that, from choosing the right platforms to creating original content, from finding influencers to converting followers into website traffic. I combine strategy with up-to-date knowledge of the best tools and software, including HubSpot, Hootsuite, Buffer, StreamYard and Later, to help you hit the gas on great social media marketing.

Thanks to my expertise gained working for big international social media agencies and my status as a certified social moderator and member of the International Community of Certified Moderators, I can help you:

  • Create brand loyalty and build your brand’s voice on a global scale
  • Manage multiple social media accounts
  • Identify and interact with your international target audiences
  • Schedule and manage your editorial calendar and posts
  • Develop and monitor multilingual ads
  • Streamline and automate processes

Besides, for international social media success, you also need a strategy with a global outlook. This is the reason why I will put my 20 years of experience in marketing to work for you, helping you map out the right global social media strategy.

As a top rated multilingual digital marketing specialist, I will combine my linguistic skills in French, Italian and English with my competences in global SMO, SMA and localization tactics, enabling you to conquer French and Italian speaking markets.

My multilingual social media marketing support services include activities such as:

  • Global social media strategy
  • International editorial calendar
  • Monitoring of industry trends
  • Relationships with influencers
  • Multilingual social media moderation
  • Global management of paid ads
  • Tracking and analysis of metrics

Why choose me for your multilingual SMO and SMA?

Catherine Gason » Multilingual Digital Marketing Consultant And Assistant » UpWork Top Rated Plus

Proven experience with big international players

Who better to optimize your use of international social media than a digital marketing specialist with over two decades of traditional and web communication experience? As testimony to my wealth of professional SMO and SMA know-how, not only am I a certified social moderator and member of the International Community of Certified Moderators, but I have also worked with global social media agencies, expertly moderating French and Italian Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn social media channels for multinationals.

Catherine is an excellent social media specialist. She followed conversations and interacted with the French and Italian communities of one of our biggest accounts. She also monitored trending hashtags and topics, and found effective ways to integrate them into our client’s brand.

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FAQs about international SMO and SMA

Who are the GasOn multilingual SoMe services for?

I am seasoned digital strategist, collaborating with social media agencies and social media managers looking to launch their brand on the international stage. In addition to drawing on the expertise I gained working for big international social media agencies, I am a certified social moderator and member of the International Community of Certified Moderators. My vertical markets are HiTech, FinTech, computing software, engineering, mechanics and ecommerce.

As a multilingual social media strategist, I specialize in French and Italian speaking markets. I also provide research and supervision services for Dutch, German and Spanish speaking markets; however, for deeper and more localized projects I can recommend other international marketing freelancers, if needed.

SMO vs. SMA vs. SMM vs. SEO vs. SEA vs. SEM: what are the differences?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) refers to all activities related to marketing a website and content on search engines. It is made up of both Search Engine Advertising (SEA that includes the paid search techniques, e.g. pay-per-click (PPC)) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO that involves using a range of techniques to organically improve your website’s search engine rankings).

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is where SEO meets social media: SMO ensures that your website performs optimally on social media by boosting customer interaction with your content on various social media channels. This is often combined with Social Media Advertising (SMA), which includes the use of paid advertising campaigns on social media. Social Media Marketing (SMM) is an umbrella term, encompassing SMO and SMA.

Besides SMM, what other internet marketing services does Catherine Gason offer?

As an international digital marketing specialist, I can either provide services in a specific area of marketing, such as international social media optimization, or offer holistic online marketing support covering digital marketing strategy, multilingual SEO, content marketing, international ads, funnel and marketing automation.

How can I get started with GasOn Marketing's international SMO and SMA services?

To begin, I carry out an audit of my client’s current social media performance, aiming to gain an overview of their target audiences, preferred social media channels and tone of voice. I then draw on my experience to determine the best way to optimize their international social media, providing strategy, content optimization and monitoring.

Think global, act local: social media marketing in French, Italian and English

Book your free 15-minute GasOn Discovery Call. If you need in-depth and customized assistance, choose the GasOn Power Hour: a 60-minute tailored consultancy or crash training session to maximize the impact of your international social media marketing efforts.