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As a native French and Italian SEO and content strategist, I can help your business hit the gas on great multilingual content marketing to optimize your international communication. Book a GasOn Discovery Call to take advantage of my wealth of experience.

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International content marketing to provide a better user experience and increase brand awareness

To truly power up your multilingual content marketing, you need to communicate with your customers in a linguistically and culturally relevant way. As a French and Italian content marketing strategist and international SEO specialist, my services will help your business reach new heights and grow your global audience.

Increase brand awareness and highlight the quality of your products or services

I will leave no stone unturned when it comes to helping your business communicate what it can do for your target audience. Using articles, eBooks, infographics, videos, podcasts, email newsletters and nurturing campaigns, and social media posts based on storytelling narratives, we will efficiently build relationships with current and potential customers, shining a light on your expertise so that your company is the first to come to mind when your products or services are needed.

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Build trust and sell more: set up a multilingual content strategy that effectively encapsulates your business objectives

While multilingual content localization can be challenging, the benefits more than make up for any hurdles along the way. By working with a multilingual content marketing specialist such as myself, you can sail over these hurdles with ease. We will increase organic search traffic and social media engagement, communicate your expertise to build trust with your customers, and ensure that your business has a clearly defined brand personality.

Multilingual content can reach more people, is more persuasive and leads to higher sales

Studies show that people prefer to buy products in their native languages. Furthermore, the more digital content you publish in a given language, the easier it will be for search engines to rank you better and for potential customers who speak that language to find you.

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Go global with French and Italian content strategist Catherine Gason

I am here to help you create, execute and analyze your content marketing strategies in English, French and Italian. My services include:

  • Extensive research and analysis of consumer trends
  • Clear editorial strategy for consistent content across all delivery platforms
  • Strategic planning for content pillars and sub pillars
  • Editorial calendar and content proposition
  • Content governance guidelines for tone, style and voice of all content
  • Comprehensive content briefs including keyword research and competitor analysis
  • Oversight of writing style and tone for all content

Power up your content marketing with an international content and SEO expert

Through my work with global marketing agencies, I handle content marketing combined with multilingual SEO, SEA and international ads, email automation and social media optimization, on a daily basis. I go beyond each activity to create cohesive and holistic content marketing strategies – meaning that your brand and message stay strong, coherent and consistent across multiple channels.

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Catherine is an excellent social media specialist. She followed conversations and interacted with the French and Italian communities of one of our biggest accounts. She also monitored trending hashtags and topics, and found effective ways to integrate them into our client’s brand.

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As a marketing specialist, Catherine contributed to Nelysis marketing communications: she developed the product message and marketing materials to attract new customers. She also worked on our social media, setting up our strategy for Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and various other social media sites.
Catherine is an excellent writer with a creative approach; she did an excellent job that expanded our marketing efforts.

Enrico Dani

Marketing and Sales Director, Nelysis

FAQs about international content marketing

What is multilingual content marketing and why is it important?

Content marketing involves sharing relevant and useful content with your current and potential customers in many different formats and across a variety of platforms, including blog posts, infographics, videos, podcasts, email newsletters and social media posts. The aim is to attract and retain customers, increase brand awareness and showcase your products and services. It is important to highlight your expertise in your field, to build trust with your clients and ensure that your business is at the forefront of their minds when they require your products and services.

In today’s globalized and digital world, multilingual content is vital for an effective content marketing strategy. What better way to make your customers feel valued than meeting their language needs? Ensuring that your content is appropriately localized for effective communication with your target audience improves their experience of your brand and ultimately increases your sales.

Content marketing localization vs. translation: what is the difference?

Content localization and content translation are not synonyms, although they are often used as such. Translation involves converting content from one language to another, ensuring that it reads well in the target language and follows grammar rules and conventions. Whereas content localization is all about adapting your content for a new market. More often than not, this involves translating that content into another language, but not necessarily. For example, content created for an audience in the United States may need considerable adaptation to make it effective for a UK based audience, despite using the same language.

When content marketing needs to be adapted to a new audience in another language, translation is part of the process, but translation alone is never enough. Localization is needed to make sure that, as well as being understood, your content is culturally relevant to your target audience.

What is the difference between a content strategist and a copywriter?

Content strategists and copywriters have different but complementary roles; together, their services produce high quality content that shows your target audience what your business can offer and ultimately results in sales.

Copywriters are excellent writers who produce marketing and communication texts that not only inform readers, but also persuade them to take action. While high quality copy is essential for effective content marketing, it won’t get you very far if it isn’t part of a holistic strategy with clearly defined goals. This is where content strategists come in. Content strategists are responsible for creating a coherent overall plan and comprehensive content briefs that not only determine what and how new content needs to be written, but also where and how it needs to be shared for maximum impact.

Besides content marketing, what other digital communication services does GasOn Marketing offer?

As an international digital marketing specialist, I can either provide services in a specific area of digital communication such as content marketing, or offer holistic web marketing support covering digital marketing strategy, international SEO, funnel marketing, email automation, multilingual ads and social media optimization.

The help you need, when you need it, at every stage of the marketing journey

If you have already mastered the basics and are ready to optimize your international outreach, schedule a GasOn Power Hour​ to access the best content marketing techniques used by web and SEO agencies. If you don’t know where to start, book a free GasOn Discovery Call.