It all started more than 10 years ago

More than 10 years ago, when my son was born, the idea of ​​working as an international marketing virtual assistant germinated in my head: offering my services as a remote marketing freelancer to entrepreneurs, companies and organizations all over the world, in need of marketing services in English, French and Italian. So I made my freelancer debut on the eLance platform, which then merged with its competitor oDesk to give birth in 2019 to UpWork. Since then, UpWork has become the key platform for freelancing and professional growth with 5 million clients (from entrepreneurs to companies, organizations and multinationals) and 12 million freelancers across 180 countries,

At that time, however, I had not fully invested in freelancing platforms, because I was still carrying out some assignments for entrepreneurs and companies at the Trieste Area Science Park (in Italy where I know live) that were allowing me to do some part of the work remotely.

But in 2020, the coronavirus pandemic changed the dynamics of our lives. It was then that I decided to review my professional commitments and I got started on UpWork again.

How did I (re)start my activities on UpWork?

I first started by reworking my UpWork freelancer’s profile and my positioning, as if I was joining the platform for the first time. Then, to have every chance of success on my side and get good feedbacks, I decided to only commit to small contracts. Making that decision allowed me to work optimally and, along the way, to develop my skills as I had to compete with thousands of marketing freelancers worldwide.

How did I redo my profile on UpWork?

To redo my profile as a digital marketing freelancer on UpWork, I took into account the requirements imposed by digital communication such as:

  • Including keywords that potential customers might search for
  • Identifing my core competences and the areas in which I wanted to position myself
  • Mentioning in my profile a trait, a detail both personal and unique, to stand out among the many marketing freelancers I had to compete with

This is how the wheel started turning in my favor on UpWork.

How did I get my first contracts?

In May 2020, I successfully completed my first contract on UpWork: a marketing presentation in French and English for Cecilia Poullain. Very satisfied with my work, Cecilia rehired me for a second, then a third assignment. Then I continued to do more and more varied marketing jobs for which I received positive feedbacks.

Good reviews have played an essential role as I was becoming “less risky” for potential clients. As a matter of fact, I marked my beginning with work that I knew I could master optimally. I only did assignments where I could exceed my clients’ expectations and get superlative feedbacks.

Then projects have followed one another and have become more and more interesting. While I had started with small tasks for small entrepreneurs, I moved pretty quickly on to bigger projects and larger companies, in different sectors, allowing to get new digital marketing experiences and skills.

How did I earn my UpWork “top rated plus” badge in less than 18 months?

My clients’ positive reviews sparked a snowball effect which allowed me to be ranked first “Top Rated” and soon after “Top Rated Plus”. These are special distinctions awarded by UpWork to the best freelancers. The “Top Rated” badge is assigned to freelancers who have built a strong reputation on Upwork by getting positive feedbacks from their clients, time after time, while the “Top Rated Plus” badge highlights freelancers and agencies who consistently perform on large contracts at the highest level. The UpWork Top Rated Plus freelancers stand out by delivering premium quality on high budget or long term jobs.

Today I work with international marketing agencies as well as SMEs and global organizations; among my clients, there are also Fortune 500 listed companies. I provide them with services in English, French and Italian, across all aspects of web communication: from digital strategy to the implementation of marketing automation flows, from multilingual content marketing with international SEO and international ads to the measurement of performance.

Looking for more information on freelancing or UpWork?

I hope this article will help both companies and freelancers wishing to collaborate through freelancing platforms. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to know more about UpWork, freelancing or my international digital marketing specialist services.

FAQs about GasOn Marketing

What is the difference between a digital marketing freelancer and a digital marketing agency?

A digital marketing freelancer is a professional who works independently to provide assistance or consultancy services, such as SEO or social media marketing, to companies or agencies. More often than not, digital marketing freelancers will have gained their expertise working for international organizations before striking out on their own. On the other hand, a digital marketing agency is a group of professionals that perform marketing services for their client roster.

As a multilingual digital marketing freelancer, I fit into teams and provide them with the assistance or consultancy services they require to achieve their goals. I work with digital marketing or SEO agencies in need of an international marketing specialist, or with international organizations or companies that need an expert to plug a specific gap in their marketing team.

Why choose freelance marketing expert Catherine Gason for your digital communication needs?

I have many years of experience as a marketing manager and marketing virtual assistant. For any work I take on, I always apply my “S.M.A.R.T.” approach – “Skilled”, “Multilingual”, “Assessable”, “Relevant” and “Tech-Savvy”. My competences, experience, multilingual skills in English, French and Italian, and proficiency in innovative marketing techniques help me meet each client’s expectations.

Which digital communication services does GasOn Marketing provide?

As an international digital marketing specialist, I offer support and consultancy services in English, French and Italian. My areas of marketing expertise cover digital strategyinternational SEOcontent marketing, international adsemail marketing, multilingual funnelsmarketing automation and social media optimization.

I also offer start-to-finish digital marketing courses and workshops to master clear, consistent and cohesive online communication.

How do I get started with GasOn Marketing?

Book your GasOn Discovery Call, a free initial consultation to find out how my services can help you power up your marketing project.

You can also reserve your GasOn Power Hour, a one-hour consultation in which I advise you on how to structure your digital communication activities to get the best results from your online presence.



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