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Looking to expand your online presence and reach a global audience? Look no further than my multilingual digital marketing workshops and international marketing consultancy sessions. Whether you opt for a workshop or a one-on-one session, you will gain the skills and knowledge needed to effectively communicate your message in multiple languages and expand your reach worldwide. To learn more, book a GasOn Discovery Call today!

Master Web Marketing Techniques and Make the Most of Your International Online Presence

In the digital era, we have a wealth of channels, techniques, and tools at our fingertips, empowering us to optimise communication with both prospective and repeat customers. With my remote multilingual digital marketing courses, you can learn at your own pace, gaining the understanding and skills you need to implement an effective and integrated system of web marketing activities adapted to your business reality.

As a seasoned international digital marketing specialist, I base my digital marketing training on over 20 years of experience in both strategic and operational roles. My data-driven courses deliver tangible results and are based on tried-and-tested techniques used by the most successful global communication agencies.

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I offer multilingual digital marketing workshops and courses designed to help businesses like yours acquire the necessary skills and understanding of effective web marketing techniques. My remote courses are tailored to meet your specific marketing needs, and I offer one-to-one training with the GasOn Power Hour, a 60-minute call providing personalised international marketing consultancy.

Develop and Refine Your Web Marketing Skills with the GasOn Web Marketing Workshop

The GasOn Web Marketing Workshop is based on an integrated digital marketing framework that can be applied to any business. With seven modules, each containing lessons, hands-on exercises, and coaching sessions, you will develop the core elements of your own digital marketing framework. Upon completion of the course, you will possess an actionable web marketing system that can be seamlessly adapted to your business reality. By mastering web marketing techniques, you can enhance your online presence and effectively communicate with both new and repeat customers.
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Module 1: Strategic Framework

The GasOn Web Marketing Workshop starts by helping you decide how you want your business to compete, what you want to be, and for whom. Once you establish the right strategic framework, my signature program guides you in developing the best possible tactics and operations to power up your marketing.

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Module 2: Buyer Personas

In this module, you will “put a face” to your ideal customers by developing data-based semi-fictional representations, or buyer personas. These personas help you identify your customers’ wants, needs, and pain points – allowing you to target the right people, in the right place, at the right time, with the right message.

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Module 3: Brand Identity

This module will help you consider how you want your company to be perceived by pinpointing your brand identity. Once you identify the key features that make your business unique, you can create tangible and intangible elements that work in harmony to convey the unique experience that your brand represents.

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Module 4: Marketing Funnel

In this module, I will help you establish your funnel marketing strategy – the methodology your business uses to guide potential customers on their journey from identifying a need to be fulfilled and considering your brand, to regularly purchasing your products or services and recommending your business to other potential customers.

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Module 5: SEO and Content Marketing

High-quality content attracts prospective customers and converts them into paying clients. To power up your digital communication, your content must satisfy both audiences and search engines. Here, I use my marketing expertise, gained through my collaboration with international organisations, to help you implement some of the content marketing and multilingual SEO techniques used by the most advanced SEM agencies.

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Module 6: Backlinks, Organic and Paid Promotion

Once you publish your content, you will need to promote it as much as possible. In this module, you will learn how to do this in both organic and paid ways, using backlinks, email, social media, press, guest posting, and online events, not to mention search engine advertising, local, and international ads.

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Module 7: Marketing Metrics

In this last module, you will learn techniques to regularly monitor, measure, and analyse your communication activities, including key performance indicators or KPIs. Mastering marketing metrics is important as it allows you to identify which of your web marketing techniques are working well and which should be adapted or abandoned.

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About Your Trainer, Catherine Gason

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” — Benjamin Franklin

My digital marketing training workshops are based on this quote: they are practical, hands-on, and, above all, they deliver tangible results. They empower you to become fully involved in developing your own web marketing system, as you integrate the training with your specific business needs and challenges.

Learning web communication techniques with a skilled digital marketing freelancer like Catherine Gason has never been so effective or enjoyable. Catherine is proactive, helpful, inspirational and straight to the point. She empowers you to learn and apply new techniques quickly and successfully. Her training differs from all other online courses and tutorials because it is “hands-on.” You can see that it is based on proven techniques and experiences from international projects that make it practical and effective.
Catherine is a highly qualified professional. She helped us rethink our company’s digital marketing strategy, especially on our social media. I highly recommend her for getting great results in no time.
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Invest in Your Company's Online Presence: Start Today!

Benefit from my extensive marketing experience by signing up for the GasOn Web Marketing Workshop today! My easy-to-apply integrated framework will guide you as you develop your own web marketing system, adapted to your business reality. With the help of a comprehensive manual, eBooks, hands-on exercises, templates, and coaching sessions, you will integrate my specialist digital marketing course with the specific needs and challenges of your business. Invest in your company’s global growth – fill out the order form today!


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FAQs About GasOn Marketing Training

GasOn Marketing offers a variety of training programs tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses. My signature program for SMEs is the GasOn Web Marketing Workshop, which is available in English, Italian, and French. The workshop consists of seven modules, a comprehensive manual, eBooks, hands-on exercises, templates, and coaching sessions, providing participants with a complete understanding of web marketing. Additionally, I offer one-to-one international marketing consultancy with the GasOn Power Hour, which is personalized to each company’s specific needs.

The GasOn Web Marketing Workshop stands out as my signature digital marketing training program, based on my extensive experience in both traditional and digital communication, as well as my expertise in strategic and operational marketing activities. With over 20 years of experience providing multilingual marketing support and consultancy services to leading international agencies and Fortune 500 companies as a marketing manager and top-rated digital Expert-Vetted marketing specialist, I am uniquely positioned to guide participants step-by-step as they power up their digital marketing framework and implement web marketing techniques that drive tangible results for their businesses.

The GasOn Web Marketing Workshop provides participants with an integrated digital marketing framework that is easily adaptable to their company’s specific needs. Each of the workshop’s seven modules invites participants to reflect on their business reality with the help of the course manual, hands-on exercises, templates, and coaching sessions. These resources empower participants to apply the integrated framework to their companies, translating the concepts into actionable marketing strategies, tactics, and operations that are tailored to their business. Upon completion of the workshop, participants will walk away with their own actionable web marketing manual, allowing them to power up their online presence in a cost-effective and consistent manner.

GasOn Marketing Training programs are available in English, Italian, and French, and can be customized to meet each business’s unique needs. To learn more, you can book a free 15-minute GasOn Discovery Call. During this call, you will have the opportunity to discuss your digital communication needs and get to know me. This will enable me to recommend the best marketing training solution for your business.