Yes, I am a multilingual virtual assistant. No, my name is not Siri (neither Alexa nor Cortana)…

Do you know Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana or Google’s Assistant? They are virtual assistants, just like me. Well, not exactly…

Yes, we all are multilingual virtual assistants and we all are here to help you save time and money. Yes, we all are gaining a competitive edge since multilingual virtual collaboration is increasingly requested. We all are here to help you overcome limitations by exploiting the latest technologies

However, they are artificial intelligences (AI) whilst I am in flesh and bone and I help SMEs increase both new and repeat customers.


Power up your communication with GasOn Marketing multilingual virtual assistant services

I provide multilingual [French + Italian + English] virtual assistance across all aspects of web communication: from strategy to the implementation of online platforms and marketing funnels, from planning to the development of digital promotion campaigns and the measurement of performance. Depending on the scope and complexity of the project, I work on my own, in consultation with the client’s team, in collaboration with his agency or with other marketing freelancers.

Marketing Strategy

Give focus and direction to your marketing and communication. Adapt and evolve. Monitor for continuous improvement.

Marketing Operations

Run cohesive campaigns across all your communication channels. Do marketing consistently and measure the results.

Marketing Automation

Map out and implement marketing automation flows and funnels with lead magnets, opt-in modules and landing pages.

Content Marketing

Focus on power, agility and relevant SEO. Provide a clear value proposition and consistency. Call to action.

Promotion & Backlinks

Create and develop multilingual paid (Google Ads and PPC advertising) and organic promotion campaigns (via backlinks, events and public relations) to maximize your online presence.

Email Marketing

Build up, grow and segment your email lists. Spread your brand awareness with multilingual broadcasts and autoresponder series.

Social Media

Communicate directly with your audiences in their own language and culture. Build an international editorial calendar to be consistent and optimize your brand credibility.

Interested in learning more about how a multilingual virtual assistant in flesh and bone can help you?

Then read the post “Top 7 benefits of having a Multilingual Marketing VA working for you” or ask for your free 30 minutes marketing session. In any case, do not hesitate to contact me.