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  • Multilingual Search Engine Optimization and Advertising 100% 100%
  • Multilingual Funnel and Marketing Automation 100% 100%
  • Multilingual Organic and Paid Promotion 100% 100%

Hello, my name is Catherine Gason. I am a polyglot marketer. I provide companies with S.M.A.R.T. [Skilled + Multilingual + Assessable + Relevant + Tech-Savvy] web communication support, in the form of virtual assistance and remote training, to succeed in the digital era. I help them boost their brand awareness, attract new prospects, and convert them into happy customers.

Multilingual Marketing Assistance

Take a peek at my multilingual marketing virtual assistant services

Multilingual Marketing Assistant Training

Learn my web marketing and virtual assistant skills

Smart Marketing VA

Use my tips to boost your communication and online presence


Multilingual Funnel

Let’s implement your multilingual funnel to attract the right prospects and convert them into customers

Localized Content and SEO

Let’s prepare valuable, localized and SEO optimized content that positively impacts your brand’s organic search


International Brand Identity

Let’s give direction to your communication and run cohesive campaigns across all your channels


Promotion and Backlinks

Let’s communicate directly with your audiences in their own language and culture through email marketing, social media and backlinks

Localized Ads and SEA

Let’s speed up with localized social media ads, multilingual search engine advertising and remarketing campaigns, on social platforms and Google


Marketing Virtual Assistant | Catherine Gason

Born in Seoul, I was adopted in Brussels and, in my twenties, moved to London. My current home base is windy Trieste in Italy. I have taken the best of each country I have lived in. Read my story to understand how my multidisciplinary and multicultural background could benefit your company.

I bring more than 20 years of traditional and digital marketing expertise serving clients on 5 continents. We are geographically far apart, yet very close in terms of ways of working and work culture. We love innovation and continuous improvement. We are not afraid of change but we create lasting value. Check out some of my most recent projects, as well as my sites in French and Italian.


How can I help you? With multilingual marketing assistance in French, Italian and English, or with virtual training programmes? I do it for you or I help you do it yourself? Choose the digital communication support that best meets your needs or contact me directly.

Need help with your marketing strategy and tactics? Benefit from a completely targeted and free marketing consultation.

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Need hands-on and easy-to-adapt training? Join me on my free webinars and online classes in English, French or Italian.