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International SEO Specialist | Multilingual SEO Freelancer | Freelance SEO International | Multilingual International SEO Packages

As a multilingual international SEO specialist, I can help you expand your reach across borders. My expertise in optimising websites for multiple languages and cultures can drive more traffic and increase your business revenue. Book a free discovery call with me now to learn how I can help your business grow globally.

Versatile Multilingual SEO Freelancer: SEO Specialist, European SEO Manager, and International SEO Consultant

International SEO Specialist | Multilingual SEO Freelancer | Freelance SEO International | Multilingual International SEO Packages
As an international SEO freelancer, I specialise in three distinct roles: International SEO Specialist, European SEO Manager, and International SEO Consultant.

International SEO Specialist

Specialising in French and Italian markets, I excel as an International SEO Specialist. Collaborating closely with clients and agencies, I implement effective SEO strategies, including multilingual keyword targeting and localised content optimisation. My expertise extends to addressing cross-cultural SEO challenges and understanding user behaviour to refine strategies for optimal results.

European SEO Manager

In the diverse European market, I thrive as a European SEO Manager. Fluent in French and Italian, with knowledge of German and Dutch, I provide targeted insights and hands-on implementation of SEO campaigns. Through active involvement in day-to-day operations, I ensure effective execution and monitoring, facilitating data-driven decisions for optimal outcomes.

International SEO Consultant

As an International SEO Consultant, my focus is on providing strategic guidance and expert advice to clients and agencies. Conducting thorough audits of existing international SEO efforts, I identify improvement areas and devise customised action plans. I support clients in implementing effective strategies, keeping them abreast of the latest trends to succeed in the global digital landscape.
Exploring European, Italian, and French SEO

To gain deeper insights, I recommend Unlocking the Secrets: Mastering European, Italian, and French SEO. As a multilingual SEO specialist focusing on the Italian and French-speaking markets, this article delves into the cultural distinctions and strategies that shape SEO practices throughout Europe.

GasOn Marketing's Top International Multilingual SEO Services

International SEO Specialist | European, Italian, and French SEO | Italian and French Digital Content Specialist
The aspects most frequently sought after for my expertise in international and multilingual SEO are as follows:
  • International Keyword Research

    I conduct comprehensive multilingual keyword research, identifying impactful keywords in English, Italian, and French-speaking markets that resonate with the target audiences.
  • Multilingual Content Optimisation

    Through international SEO and content marketing, I optimise website content, including product descriptions, blog posts, and landing pages, catering to cultural preferences and linguistic nuances. This ensures engaging and relevant content for local audiences, which, in turn, drives higher conversions and fosters customer loyalty.
  • International Link Building

    I assist businesses in acquiring high-quality backlinks by strategically targeting relevant and authoritative sources in specific markets. This empowers clients to enhance their website authority, boost search engine rankings, and attract targeted traffic.
  • International Technical SEO Audits

    I conduct comprehensive technical SEO audits, collaborating with developers to ensure businesses have an internationally performant website. By optimising speed, addressing crawl and indexing errors, and implementing geo targeting strategies, I enhance user experience and global reach.
  • Multilingual SEO and SEA Integration

    I manage multilingual campaigns, expertly handling Italian and French PPC. Through the integration of SEO and SEA, I maximise the impact of both strategies, boosting organic visibility and driving targeted PPC traffic and conversions.
  • International Social Media Optimisation Strategy

    I create international social media optimisation (SMO) plans, engaging local audiences with culturally relevant content. Social media interaction improves search engine rankings through increased user engagement and signals of relevance.
  • Global SEO Performance Tracking and Reporting

    I incorporate tracking tools to measure the impact of global SEO efforts, regularly providing clients with detailed performance reports for data-driven decision-making.
  • European SEO Management or Coordination

    As a European SEO manager or coordinator, I handle operational tasks for French and Italian markets while ensuring a harmonised approach across all European target markets. This guarantees consistent and effective SEO strategies for a cohesive international presence.
  • International SEO Consultation and Training Workshops

    I offer strategic SEO and international marketing consulting to empower businesses in expanding globally. Additionally, my hands-on multilingual marketing workshops deliver tangible results in global SEO.
 Multilingual and International SEO Services: Key Components and Benefits
If you are interested in learning more about effective multilingual and international SEO services, check out this article where I dive into the essential elements of global SEO services.
Multilingual Content Marketing | Catherine Gason | Multilingual Content Strategist Freelance

Creator of the International SEO Consultant Website

I have channelled my SEO expertise into founding The International SEO Consultant Gateway. I use this channel to share my knowledge on optimising for search engines across different countries. Not only does it transcend geographical boundaries, but also strategic and technical barriers. This helps others understand the finer points of global SEO.

Global SEO Strategist and Multicultural Marketing Expert

As a top-rated multilingual SEO freelancer, I offer extensive experience collaborating with multinational corporations and top-tier SEO agencies. My expertise includes global strategic and technical SEO, with a strong focus on navigating multicultural and multilingual markets effectively.
Catherine was excellent to work with, she completed the project – keyword research, mapping of target keywords against website URLs, meta data and other on-page optimizations in both French and Italian (+600 URLs in each language) – within the agreed timeframe and to a high standard. She is a skilled professional and I would definitely recommend her.
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International SEO agency
Catherine is a reliable international SEO and content optimisation specialist. In the nearly two years that we have worked together, she has never missed a deadline. Additionally, Catherine is a kind and considerate person who is great to work with. Her professionalism and dedication to her work make her an asset to any team.
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If you are looking to expand your business globally and increase your website traffic from international markets, then consider working with a skilled English, Italian, and French SEO freelancer like myself. With my expertise in multilingual and international search engine optimisation, I can help you achieve your global marketing goals and elevate your brand. To get started, you can schedule a personalised 60-minute international marketing consultancy session or reach out to me for a free discovery call. Additionally, by entering your website details on Calendly and providing any relevant information, you can receive a complimentary SEO audit to identify potential areas of improvement.

Unlocking the Power of Search Engine Optimisation with English, Italian, and French SEO Expert Catherine Gason – FAQ

International or global SEO is about optimising your website for a multinational audience, but not necessarily using multiple languages. Monolingual websites still need international SEO to ensure that they are appropriately localised for the target market. Just think about how the meaning of the word “pants” differs for US and UK based audiences, for example. International SEO also focuses on the technical aspects of optimising your website to get the best results from various global search engines.

Multilingual SEO (MSEO), on the other hand, involves optimising your website in different languages so that your business can reach a global audience or cater for customers within a multilingual nation. Here, transcreation is vital to ensure that your SEO elements are not “just” translated, but linguistically and culturally tailored to your target context. Lastly, local SEO involves website optimisation with a view to boosting leads and brand awareness in a specific location, usually a city or region.

Catherine Gason is a skilled freelance SEO Manager with extensive experience in the European market. She can help businesses effectively reach their target audiences in Europe by providing a unique perspective on SEO strategy. Catherine is a native-level fluent speaker of French and Italian, which allows her to specialise in catering to the French and Italian speaking markets. Additionally, she has knowledge of German and Dutch, which enables her to undertake certain tasks or connect you with proficient SEO freelancers who are also native-level fluent speakers.

With her expertise, Catherine can take your business to the next level. She has been evaluated and verified by UpWork as an “Expert-Vetted Freelancer,” a title given to the top 1% of freelancers who consistently deliver high-quality work on big-budget contracts.

Catherine Gason can create a comprehensive search engine marketing (SEM) strategy that leverages both organic and paid search to drive traffic to your website. SEO involves optimising your website’s content, structure, and coding to improve your organic search rankings, while SEA involves running paid ads on search engines to drive traffic to your website. By combining these two approaches, Catherine can help you achieve a wider reach more quickly, with greater precision and efficiency, and increase your brand awareness globally.

International SEO allows you to optimise your website for search engines in different languages and regions, while SEA targets and retargets users who are actively searching for products or services related to your business. When you pair these efforts, you can benefit from the strengths of each strategy to drive traffic to your website, utilising data from your PPC campaigns to inform and improve your web content more quickly than relying solely on organic search rankings. In addition, working with an experienced international SEM expert like Catherine provides you with valuable insights into the cultural nuances of your target market. By understanding the local customs, preferences, and behaviour of your audience, you can tailor your content and messaging to better connect with them, improve your conversion rates, and ultimately achieve a better return on investment (ROI).

Sustaining success in global markets through International SEO requires continuous adaptation and efforts. Key ongoing activities include monitoring performance metrics, conducting keyword research, updating content, adapting to algorithm changes, managing technical SEO aspects, enhancing user experience, implementing local SEO strategies, managing international backlinks, and regularly reporting and analysing SEO progress.