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By combining expertise in digital marketing funnel automation with tailored email marketing, GasOn Marketing’s solutions can help your business increase revenue and streamline communication with your customers. Take the first step towards a more effective and efficient multilingual marketing strategy by booking a free discovery call today.

Enhance Your Sales Strategies with International Email and Digital Marketing Funnel Automation

By seamlessly incorporating automation technology into both your multilingual digital marketing funnel and email campaigns, you can effectively navigate international customers through their unique buyer journey stages. This enables you to tailor your approach, enhance campaign efficiency, and scale your marketing efforts globally. Drawing upon GasOn Marketing’s expertise in digital marketing funnel and email services allows you to broaden your reach by engaging local audiences. Furthermore, you can customise email content to align with cultural nuances, seasonal variations, and the specific stages of your leads’ funnel.

GasOn’s freelance email marketing and funnel automation services encompass:

  • Strategic development of digital marketing funnel stages
  • Planning and creation of multilingual email campaigns and lead magnets
  • Implementation of opt-in modules and lead collection forms
  • Development of sales and payment pages for seamless transactions
  • Management of international email lists with personalised communication using behavioural automation rules
  • Analysis of email and funnel data for better audience segmentation and targeting
  • Use of remarketing techniques to re-engage with potential customers

Streamline Your Email and Digital Marketing Funnel

Effective marketing automation extends beyond scheduling emails and autoresponders. It entails leveraging a variety of tools and techniques to optimise the buyer journey and amplify the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns. By efficiently harnessing automation technologies, GasOn Marketing assists businesses in streamlining processes, saving time and resources, and ultimately attaining superior results.
International Email | Freelance Experte en Tunnel de Vente | Funnel Marketing | Catherine Gason

Freelance Expert in Integrated Digital Marketing Funnel and Email Campaigns

Understanding the importance of delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time through the right channels is key to success. GasOn Marketing’s extensive experience in implementing successful multilingual digital marketing funnel and email marketing campaigns has been thoroughly evaluated and endorsed by international companies and agencies. Let’s optimise your message delivery and maximise your business’s success together.
Catherine helped us implement funnel marketing and email automation, which allowed us to scale up our activities more quickly and efficiently. Not only has she helped us speed up the entire process, but she has also automated our funnel feeding process. The changes Catherine brought have enhanced our lead generation, saved us precious time on a daily basis and given us more relevant data to analyze our results and refine our marketing activities.
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Just wanted to let you know that we’ve had our first Italian sale, within an hour of the ads going live! Thank you for your work on the project and hopefully this is the first sale of many!
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Get Started with Freelance Email Marketing and Multilingual Funnel Automation

Feeling hesitant about diving into freelance email marketing and funnel automation campaigns? No need to fret! Schedule a complimentary GasOn Discovery Call today to kickstart the process. In this mini-consultation, you can freely ask any questions you have and gain deeper insights into GasOn’s digital marketing funnel and email automation services. Ready to turn hesitation into action? Schedule your call now and let’s get started on boosting your international marketing efforts!

International Email and Digital Marketing Funnel Automation — FAQ

A digital marketing funnel, often referred to simply as a marketing funnel or sales funnel, is a conceptual framework that outlines the stages a customer goes through before and after making a purchase online. It begins with awareness, where the aim is to attract attention through channels like social media and SEO. Then comes interest, where engaging content informs and educates about your offerings. Consideration follows, during which potential customers compare options and seek more information. The conversion stage is where the actual sale or desired action occurs. Afterward, retention efforts focus on keeping customers satisfied and encouraging repeat business. Finally, advocacy involves turning satisfied customers into brand advocates who promote your products or services. By optimising each stage, businesses can effectively attract, engage, and convert leads to drive growth and revenue.

Marketing automation involves using software to automate marketing tasks such as email campaigns, social media posting, and lead generation. It improves efficiency, targets audiences effectively, and enhances ROI by enabling personalised interactions with customers. Its primary goal is to streamline processes, allowing marketers to focus on strategic activities and customer engagement. By leveraging data and analytics, marketing automation enables businesses to engage with their audience in a more timely and tailored manner, driving better results and ROI. It saves time and money on marketing campaigns, generates and nurtures leads, and provides data for refining digital strategies. A well-designed system scales alongside business growth, adapting to changing needs.

Funnel marketing is the methodology used to attract potential customers and guide them through their buyer journey: from identifying a need to be fulfilled and considering your brand, to regularly purchasing your products or services and recommending your business to other potential customers. By optimising your marketing funnel, you can achieve its ultimate objective: convincing your repeat customers to promote your brand and thus creating a loop that feeds your sales funnel. Monitoring the progression of leads along their buyer journey allows you to analyse whether your strategies are producing results, adjust them accordingly, and identify opportunities to increase sales. Moreover, with improved understanding of who you need to attract to your funnel to drive sales, you can tailor your actions to achieve your goals, thereby increasing the productivity of your marketing campaigns.

You may well wonder whether email remains an effective marketing tool. Today, we are inundated with emails, many of them spam that have us rushing to click “unsubscribe”. So, has email lost its shine? The short answer is “no, when used correctly, email marketing is highly effective”. Practically everyone uses email. In fact, studies show that usage is actively growing. So, how can you ensure that your email marketing stands out from the crowd? Audiences engage with useful, targeted emails, so your content needs to be personalised to your clients’ needs. Not only is email marketing wide reaching and effective, but it is also affordable. The biggest investment is the time and effort needed to tailor your content to your customers’ needs. Get in touch to discover how I can help.